Tuesday, August 27

Flying Squirrels!

We've been meaning to go to a Flying Squirrels game since we moved to Richmond.  With no professional sports teams the minor league games are a popular outing in the city (they are one of the top three minor league teams for attendance).  We finally made it Sunday when friends kindly gave us tickets.  Oh, and it was fun.   Sometimes I really miss Europe for lots of reasons, but at that baseball game I was really glad to be home!

The older boys loved the Flying Squirrels sunglasses that were handed out on our way into the game.

Isaac enjoyed watching the "Ball!" and insisted on wearing his hat, but not having it pushed down all the way.


Kristy said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! We liked going to see the Flying Squirrels when we lived in Richmond.

EricaG said...

Haha! I wondered if you would comment on this one, Kristy! :)